Isolani Is A Literal ‘Cluster’fuck

The impossible has happened. I review before you good readers a changed man. I have enjoyed a FPS on iOS.

Isolani from Mobage, Inc. has shown me the way. A game about the last star in a universe that is slowly dying has ironically shown me the light. And all for one mechanic: automatic firing.

The game plays via a virtual joystick for the left hand, while the right controls the camera. When the crosshairs cover the enemy, the player’s gun automatically fires – meaning that you don’t have to think about moving the camera, your player and hitting the “fire” button; but you can think about accuracy and tactics. In no other iOS FPS has flanking seemed so cool and innovative.

Isolani’s plot is sweet and simple. Every species in the universe has gathered around the last star in the universe, trying to siphon off the last of it’s energy. All the ships of the various aliens have merged into this giant space station, and the AI system for the staton that has become obsessed with saving the last of the energy – so is using its robot arsenal to take out life forms. You’re a member of the Resistance. You have guns. It’s guns versus robots (oh, and the AI is called Cluster; hence the witty title of this review).

The first episode of Isolani, with the second being released later today, is only nine levels long, and will probably take under an hour to complete. There is enough variation in enemies and weapon types to keep it interesting, although only just. And some of the extra challenges in the game – that are really an assortment of “investigate [insert thing here]” – seem superfluous. I can’t be impressed by the broken robot on the floor, Isolani, while you’re throwing laser-shooting robots at me.

Isolani’s first segment is good, and certainly gets my approval as a fun way to spend forty-five minutes; however, unless their is some new material in Episode II: Attack Of The Clones Of Isolani (that’s not the title, it’s ‘Transmission’) that is more than just some different ways to explode robots – as much as I love exploding robots – I fear I may have to leave the next portion of Isolani alone.


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