Google Documents Its iOS Failure

Google recently dropped some of the functionality of its Google Drive application in favour of adding two new apps to the iOS Store: Google Docs and Google Sheets, seemingly wanting to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft, who this year released their Word, Powerpoint and Excel apps for iOS and Android. Because the reaction to those was so positive.

It appears that Google has really stripped out the usability of its Drive app, which before could be used to edit both documents and spreadsheets natively, in favour of two separate applications. Immediately, this has stuck problems, as the apps do not register which apps have been shared between Google accounts, which means that searching for a particular document becomes significantly more irritating unless you know specifically what each document is called. This is especially odd because this filing system is still in the Google Drive application, and so the question is raised why this couldn’t have been transferred.

Speaking of a lack of transferability, the functions of Documents aren’t. In the Google Docs application, there is no function to add in images, or edit tables. Google also does not allow the editing of Microsoft Word documents that have been backed up to Drive, only allowing users to change files originally made in the browser version of Google Drive. There is also no suggestion in the Google Drive application under the “Open With” section for Google’s own apps.

Yes, you read that correctly. Google doesn’t suggest you use its own apps within its own application

I can’t think of a single redeeming feature for Google’s decision to segregate its applications. While it might look nice on the tablet to separate apps, there is still no edit feature for PowerPoint, and simply means that it’s an extra few swipes to get to your documents.

Another competitor to Pages, Keynote and Numbers has hit the ground.


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