How Notable Is Notability?

The App Store’s ‘App of the Week’ is actually something that I have been using since September (and unfortunately is not a game so I’ll have to find another F2P to keep me occupied over the next seven days).

Notability by Ginger Labs is a note taking tool for iPhone and iPad, that also allows you to record voices and insert photos directly from the camera or Camera Roll into the file you are taking notes on. This is a very useful application for me, as a university student, as I can record a seminar while busily jotting down whatever is needed.

Because this app has easily been one of my most used, I’ll try not to make this review sound too much like an advertisement, although I do feel that this particularly note-taking app is the best on the iOS store (although any company that wants to send me a copy of their app for me to review in contrast, you can contact me here).

One of the most positive attributes about this app is how easily it is to sort notes. As a student, I take a fair variety of modules, and being able to organise them into folders within the app, and then put those folders under subheadings, is rather neat. There’s minor customisation on the themes of the app as well, with an editable default as to your paper (in colour, ruled/unruled and your choice of font while typing.

However, there are still aspects that Notability needs to improve on. While it’s iCloud synchronisation between apps is a lovely feature, its cloud backup systems only to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or WebDAV – for someone that would prefer to use Kim Dotcom’s ‘Mega’ or Ubuntu One, unfortunately those users are going to have to wait. Also, the response of the app when it comes to writing can be glitchy, as occasionally ink will (on the screen, of course) spurt across the page, which particularly messes up the user’s flow if, like me, they are trying to keep up with a particularly fast lecture.

I have to point out, as well, that accompanying this app I am using my Adonit Jot Pro stylus with a flexible nib, which makes using writing apps like Notability easier than if I was using some of the cheaper styluses that are available.

Notability is a great app that is a steal since it’s being offered for free, and despite its minor flaws, if you’re thinking of using an iPad as a new £399 notebook, I’d jump on the opportunity to get your hands on it while you can. Especially if you’re getting a better-than-standard stylus to go with it.


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