Fates Forever – Review

Link: gaminglives.com

Date Published: July 23rd, 2014


This week, the iOS and Android markets saw the arrival of what is possibly the first game able to carry of the League of Legends style of MOBA. Crafted by the Hammer and Chisel studio, Fates Forever is perhaps the closest thing we are going to see to Dota 2 on an iPad any time soon.

It opens with an incredibly beautiful cinematic, showing six animals-come-warriors running through a forest. From the trailer, it is clear that each beast acts as a different class, with little change to the usual roles gamers have become accustomed to, in the vein of an archer, a mage, and a heavy. In the tutorial you play as Renwil, “The Gluttonous Warthog” and, led by Dim “The Solar Mole”, must capture enemy towers and complete the main objective of destroying the enemies’ ‘gyro’ – their power source. Smaller AI minions called Tributes are regularly spawned to assist you in this task, and they will attack the towers and enemy characters while the player concentrates on attacking the human players.


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