Mobile gaming is a growing market, but what makes a good mobile game?


Date Published: April 28, 2014


Mobile gaming is on the rise. From the players that only frequently load up a game on public transportation to the mobile addicts that launch apps 60 times a day. Most of these apps are single touch and simply designed, such as Flappy Bird, Tippy Tap or Temple Run, and there is little question about why they are so popular; their adoption of Bushnell’s age-old theorem (Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master) means that they can be taken in by any new player, which fuels their vitality.

There has been, however, a rise in the number of high quality mobile games. This week saw the release of Hearthstone, Isolani and Hitman GO; all three games would be stretched to appeal to casual gamers (or rather, the more casual of the gamers that frequent the app stores), and Hearthstone and Hitman GO would have some reliance on their existing audience. Yet the connection between these games’ success and the popularity of the examples above is one of hardware, not software. It is their optimisation of the touch-screen that makes them superior.


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