Review: Transistor


Date Published: June 6, 2014


Supergiant Games’ last effort was the brilliant action RPG Bastion, and a tough act to follow. Luckily, Transistor builds on and even betters its predecessor, according to Adam Smith.

Before I begin, I’d like to make a request: if anyone feels like making a custom memory stick in the shape of Transistor, I will give them all of my money.

Transistor is the second game from the Supergiant studio that put out Bastion in 2011, and it’s very noticeable. Both games have a similar share of RPG elements and an isometric perspective. But where Bastion has a dystopian, arcadian aesthetic, Transistor loads up a futuristic cyberpunk-without-the-punk world for the player to roam around in. It looks like one of the Little Sisters from BioShock took Rapture’s first game design class. And design wise, I like it a lot more than Bastion. The look of the thing is absolutely stunning, as the technological enemies fit so much better together with world and weapons than the squishy, organic enemies did in Bastion. And it’s almost impossible to review this game without comparing it to its predecessor, so Transistor is off to a good start.


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