Society Interview: XTV


Date Published: September 18, 2014


With Freshers’ Week upon us, we here at Screen have decided to delve a little deeper into those societies whose roots can be found in both film and television. Our latest interviewee is Adam Smith, Head of Publicity at XTV, who is on hand to tell us all about the fantastic opportunities the society presents. 

What exactly is XTV? 

XTV is the University of Exeter’s student television station. From action to animation, comedy to cinema, drama to documentary, and even things that don’t have immediate alliteration, XTV produces them all. Our members write, act, and film every piece of content that we create.

What sort of things do you organise?

Short answer: film shoots. Long answer, every kind of content that you see on television we organise on a smaller scale (and sometimes on the same scale, as we were featured on the Community Channel a couple of months ago). All that said, we don’t drop new members straight in front or behind the camera without some training. We also organise training sessions for new members – getting them a little bit more comfortable with acting, writing, filming and editing beforehand.


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