XTV Station Marketing 2014-15

This video is a demonstration of my work as Head of Publicity for XTV Online. When I started in this role in March 2014, my first action was to develop a ‘voice’ for our social media, in order to establish a character that our audience was more likely to engage with. I based this personality on the phenomenon known as ‘Weird Twitter’, a surreal, comedic voice that has proved rather popular on social media and has been taken up by the Waterstones Oxford Street (@WstonesOxfordSt) and Tesco (@Tesco) Twitter accounts.

In addition, I organised physical media such as posters and images (as shown below) using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, a competition at the beginning of the university year to win a Canon DSLR camera, and an online strategy under the hashtag #namethatshow for our audience to suggest a title for a series of short films that I produced – it was eventually named ‘The Quality Cafe’, and won the ‘Open’ category at the National Student Television Awards (NaSTA 2015).

I managed our social media accounts using Hootsuite, Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights to keep a record of which of our posts were most popular, and adapting our content accordingly. As a result of these developments, the marketing of XTV on social media and via physical media was, for that year, deemed the best in the country and was awarded a National Student Television Award (NaSTA) for “Best Marketing”


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